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- Zhangjiagang Xinda Metalwork Co., Ltd. -

       Xinda Metalwork is a professional manufacturer ofequipment, display rack factory,has more than 20 years of productionexperience, in order to cater to thedemand of the market, Xinda withgood reputation, high quality products and customers work together to win-win.

       The company's Xinda trademark products are all kinds of steel office, display, home use fixed cabinets, shelves, and movable furniture, which are widely used, beautiful and flexible, and the surface is decorated with electroplating, spray molding and dip molding advanced technology. The company's office products in office buildings, offices can store documents, computers, storage software, suitable for all kinds of office size. The display products are mainly shelves and clothes hangers, which are suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small shopping malls and supermarkets, as well as electrical appliances, clothing, department stores and other products.
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